January 5, 2017

Buck’s Joshua Tree Compound

On New Years Day 2017 I drove from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park by myself. I stayed in a restored 1958 space-travel themed trailer hoping to gain clarity, enjoy some solitude and reset for the new year. I was expecting Buck, the owner of “The Buzzard’s Roost”, a small compound of uniquely themed trailers for rent, to be quite a character by his quirky and lengthy Air Bnb profile. What I discovered was far more interesting. Buck is a expert on permaculture and eco-conscious living. All the trailers in him compound are solar-powered and he uses a sustainable water capture irrigation method where after the water is used three times it’s then fed back into a bio-filtration field. The framework for his system is almost completely made of recycled materials and he uses nothing that involves combustion or burning. Yea, the idea of being as environmentally-conscious as Buck is pretty intimidating. But it’s inspiring to see someone doing it. He actually produces enough solar power with his 15 panels that he feeds back into the grid and gets a check from the state of California at the end of the year. He said of his home, ” The project will probably never be finished as long as we the people long for better, simpler ways to live and let live.”